If we arent the first web site youve visited looking for online poker tools, then Im sure youve come across some pretty outlandish claims posted on those other poker web sites.

Perhaps youve been the unfortunate victim of their high prices, marginal functionality, and outright bogus claims. Its an unfortunate fact of life. There are Texas Holdem web sites out there that simply do not deliver on their promises and still charge you an astronomical fee!

So without further adieu, lets get into the nuts and bolts of what makes Poker Sherlock such a ground-breaking tool for online poker players. So, whats the first thing you should do when you start using Poker Sherlock as your online poker assistant? Use the power of Poker Sherlock to go fishing. What I recommend is for you to join a handful of tables, go get yourself a cup of coffee and come back to some analysis from Poker Sherlock to show you where the easiest money is.

Shepherds Hollow looks pretty good from these tables. You see 4 fish, and 4 mice. You should be able to go in and dominate this table, and the mice justify you playing more hands(such as drawing to flushes and open-ended straights.) The point: Poker Sherlock will enable you to PICK THE TABLE WHERE YOU CAN MAKE THE MOST MONEY FOR YOUR TIME. There is more explanation of the icons and how to play each opponent further down.


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