Online poker players are some of the best in the world. The games have gotten tougher over the years and most of your better players come from an online background. To stay ahead of the competition you need to know what makes them so good and how to use these skills and tools to put yourself in the same position.

The main reason online poker players are so good can be contributed to the amount of hands they can play online. The ability to play across multiple sites and play as many tables as your brain can handle lets players get in 10 times the volume they could live.

When playing at a live casino, you only play 1 table at a time and the action is much slower. Online poker moves at a very fast pace and you can easily get in a few thousand hands a day. The learning curve is severely decreased which in turn lets you learn the game much faster. An online poker player can get the same amount of hands in year that a live player might get in a while lifetime. Its staggering when you think about it.

To keep up and become better than the other players, you must play more and learn more. The game evolves at a faster pace online and keeping up with how players react and how they play will be vital to ones success. As with any profession, you need to constantly be learning and evolving with your field of work. A car mechanic who worked in the 60s cannot survive in todays market if they do not learn how new cars work.

You also need to be using software when you play online poker. This software tracks all the hands you play and your opponents hands as well. The software then takes this information and gives you detailed stats as to how your opponents react in certain situations. You can instantly see how often a player 3 bets, continuation bets and folds. This information will allow you to make more informed decisions and help you to make more money. The other reason you need to be using this software is because your opponents are likely using it as well. The better players will almost always have software and you must be on the same page as them to keep up.

You can also improve your game away from the tables by reading up on strategy. You can find numerous online poker forums where you can share hands, talk strategy and read others advice. Being able to feedback from all types of players lets you find leaks in your game and help you to understand how others play. Knowing your opponents is one the best ways to stay ahead of the competition in online poker.

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