With the growth of live games, the ever-growing number of beginners are getting to know their world for the first time. There may be a slightly higher threshold for experimenting with novelties, as pala casino coupons  are very different from traditional RNG games. The game itself works according to the same rules as its traditional counterpart, but some of the main differences are good to be aware of as a novice player. Here are a few tips to help a beginner easily jump into the fascinating world of live games.

Live and real-time

Everyone might not know this yet, but live casino games are played in real time: the video that is displayed to the player is sent directly from the studio or from the casino. Everything you see on your screen, at the same time, also happens in real life.

The dealer is in direct interaction with you and depending on the game you choose, it also corresponds to your player. In Liveblackjack, the cards are distributed according to the rules of the game and the player has, as expected, the opportunity to either take more cards or stay. In Liverulet, the dealer announces when the game starts and when bets are no longer accepted. Then the bike rotates. In essence, the Live Casino imitates a real-life physical casino as far as possible. Players should also behave in the same way as in the right casino.

The pace is all in all

Some of the players who are familiar with traditional RNG casinos experience coming to the live jukebox when they arrive, so that games are progressing slowly. With RNG casinos the game runs exactly at the pace when the player wants to. In Livekasino, however, the game rolls forward at its own pace. Players spend time making their moves and the dealer works at their own pace, and these factors can not be affected by the live casino. Patience is key and the new player is required to adapt to the prevailing pace.

The same thing also works in the other direction. With RNG casino games, you can use your next move to consider time as long as you want and no gameplay requirements. In Livekasin, time is not available indefinitely. Decisions must be made within certain time limits so that other players do not get stuck in one of the strokes. Most players, however, will quickly learn the pace of live games and adapt to it easily.

Know the limitations set by your web connection

One very important factor in the world of live games is to know what your own Internet connection is capable of. With live cassettes, large amounts of data are transferred in real time, so a stable and fast Internet connection is required. If you find that your connection is slowing down or breaks, try adjusting the quality of the live transmission to a lower level. Most of the live casinos have a 1080p HD resolution at their best, but considerably less than enough. Adjusting resolution below, option 480p, decisively reduces the load on your web connection but still looks good.

If the video is still unstable after the quality is calculated, you will regret to have your online loyalty better before participating in live games. If your connection is disrupted after you have already placed your bets, you will not be able to get your bets back. The casino can not be held responsible for its players’ internet connections. However, all live casinos have powerful servers for which there are not too many players.

Is this free?

Since the gamblers are in direct contact with the players in the live casinos, there are only a limited number of places on the tables depending on the game. For example, a blackjack table may have only nine seats. If you come to the table when all seats are booked, you have to wait for your turn or look for another table. Luckily, many online casinos, however, allow placing bets on the hands that are in progress so participation can also be made outside the game itself.

Always remember when searching for a free seat, that the minimum and maximum limits for bets may vary between different tables. There is a sad surprise in the table when the minimum bet is higher than expected. Betting limits are clearly stated on each table so check them before joining. If you are not sure about the restrictions, you can always ask them about the game manager via chat. Remember to stay fit for a good bet: a good rule of thumb is that the minimum bet should be about 5% of the total amount you are using.


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