Bonus Poker is a card game with a deck of 53 cards and is played between you and the dealer. The goal of the game is to form two separate sheets from seven given cards and thus beat the two hands of the giver. how to win online poker is the main topic of discussion

Bonus Pai Gow Poker game rules

Players and givers each receive seven cards. These cards are divided into two hands, one low hand with two cards and one hand with five cards. If both your high hand and your low hand are higher than your hand, then you win. If only one hand of the donor is beaten, the game ends undecided.

When you play Poker, you can either automatically arrange your hands according to the house rules, or do so manually. To start the Poker game, click on the chip selection to select the coin value you want to bet. Then click on the betting circle to select the bet size. To increase the wager, click the selected betting circle once per chip. To reduce the wager, right-click once per chip. Next, click the Deal button and you will receive seven cards as well as the giver. The game starts, have fun!

Now, click on the two cards you want to hold in the low hand. Please note that your selection is invalid, your low hand should be higher than the high hand. The system informs you if your low hand is invalid.

After selecting the low hand, click the Play button to match your hand with the hand of the dealer. If you have a profit hand, you will be paid according to the payout table and the prize money will be displayed in the win window. If you do not have a profit hand, then the game is over and you can dare a new game!

There are a number of rules that you should keep in the back of your Poker. As already mentioned, the small hand cannot have a higher value than the high hand. The 53rd game card is the Joker. It may only be used to complete a straight, flush, straight flush or royal flush. The Joker is considered ace when used together with other Aces, so you can use the Joker for a pair with Aces. If you have the highest card with the same value, then the second highest card is used for the comparison. If the value of your low hand or high hand corresponds to the value of the respective hand of the sender, the sender wins. If you and the giver have the same high hand or low hand, then that is a copy and the giver wins. A straight with ten, boy, Lady, King and Ace is the highest straight. All other straight hands count according to their value and the highest straight wins the game.

You can play the game regularly or in expert mode. To switch to expert mode, click the Expert button. The game button for the expert mode is then displayed. You can also click on the Regular button to switch the game to the regular mode. Please note that when the Expert button is activated, the controller mode is deactivated and the controller mode is displayed, the expert mode is deactivated.

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